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Transforming Business

Advancements through the enablement of evolving technology and the emerging trends in digitization, globalization, virtualization, and aggressive competition are imminent and drastically transforming business, leadership, and life. The pace and scale of change are accelerating with the emerging trends in the 5G network, Internet-of-Things, machine learning, blockchain technology, cloud technology, big data, personalization, business intelligence, and artificial intelligence. Plus a global pandemic and your own predicament.

These changes drive immediate and radical transformation in industries, including Health, Travel & Hotel, Retail Sales, Banking, Food and Beverage, Education, and the Supply Chain. However, as an organization, is your business embracing this model shift? Is your leadership team, organizational culture, talent, or corporate strategy future-ready to pioneer breakthrough innovations and be leading-edge, or will you be left behind and burnt-out?

“Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence”

Philip Reyes

Let me share with you one of my favorite quotes, as stated in that quote, there are three key factors to achieve massive success in your life:

What is transforming business?

The process of modifying and changing existing organizational values to gain a competitive advantage or solve a serious problem is known as organizational transformation.

No matter the business cycle that you are facing, Never, ever consider quitting up. Quitters never win, and winners never quit. Remove any negative words from your mental lexicon and concentrate on the answers with zeal and patience. The war is never over until you give up your vision.

Martial arts figure prominently in many Asian cultures, and the first known traces.


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Our Approach

Business Excellence from Concept to Commercialization

As a global empowerment transformation management consulting firm, our goal is to make every client we work with a unique and successful one in its way. 

We bring our client’s vision to reality, managing and supporting them through every stage of transformation. 

We are equipping you from Concept to Commercialization to achieve your innovative business model, goals, and objectives.

Throughout the journey, we are there with you to minimize the disruption and maximize the desired benefits of the Change.


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We help organizations through transformative change, minimizing the disruption to their business operations threatened by the paradigm shifts of innovative technologies, digitization, competition, globalization, strategy, process re-engineering, organizational culture, or other drivers of Change. These variations drive rapid changes, complex and volatile business environments, increased creativity, and the need for organizational agility.



Our Team, Skills, and Talents

We have a talented team who are certified practitioners in the following highly recognized professions and skills:

  • Strategy Management Process – Visioning, Strategy Development, Implementation, and Sustainment.

  • Business and Process Excellence (Lean Six Sigma, CMMI, ISO)

  • Change Management (CCMP, ADKAR) 

  • IT Service Management (ITIL, COBIT)

  • Enterprise Architecture (TOGAF)

  • Project Management (PMP)

  • Supply Chain Transformation (CSCP) 

  • Product/Application Management and System Development Lifecycle (agile and waterfall)



Our Services

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Our Philosophy

We believe that Business Transformation is about:

  • Equipping the People – Changing the leadership, the status quo, skills, and talents

  • Evolving the Process – Maturing the capability of the organization for Business Excellence

  • Enabling the Technology – Implementing innovative technology to help the business strategy and improve outcomes

  • Elevating the Culture – Developing a healthy positive organizational culture and climate.



Nicola McFadden and her august team at Nikimac will guide you through the complexities and ambiguity of Change, focusing on the People, Process, Culture, and Technology for quantum leaps in your performance, productivity, sustainability, and profitability.


Our Approach and Activities Produce Deliverables and Realize Benefits!

Our Integrated Strategy and Business Transformation approach and consultancy services enable Change.

We deliver value, transform organizational cultures, build engaged employees, healthy teams, develop leaders, delight customers, and catapult profitability; not just leave you another “glorified PowerPoint deck.” 

We are pioneers, innovators, strategists, implementers, enablers, and sustainers of Change to yield exponential growth and breakthrough results. 



Strategy Management & Structured Diagnostics. We leverage the industry’s best practices, rigorous diagnostics, and data-driven methodology (such as Lean Six Sigma) as well as exploit the wisdom of subject matter experts. We do all the research necessary to define your business strategy—the ‘Why What, and Why Not’ of the future state vision, scanning the internal and external environments to uncover the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for improvement or innovation; locally and globally.

Gap Analysis. We measure and analyze the business issues, pain points, process inefficiencies, the voice of the customers (VOC), requirements, and other data collected to uncover root causes. We create a plan to address the gaps, assess the change impact, and prioritize the improvement, innovation, or re-engineering opportunities.

Breakthrough Strategies. We uncover creative ideas that drive innovative business models, solutions, and digital strategies that are more aligned with your vision and fit seamlessly into your organization, delight customers. We are ultimately more successful than the best practice alternatives. We envision and realize breakthrough results that are more relevant and readily adopted.

Best-Fit Solutions. We define, design, develop and deliver “best fit” solutions. To solve your business problems, we plan and implement the maturity model, roadmap, implementation plan, organizational change management strategy, customer experience management, and digital content marketing tactics. We satisfy the specific needs and achieve the envisioned future state objectives. 

Project Management. We shape and implement agile initiatives to empower employees, equip processes, and enable technology. We enhance performance, improve capabilities, gain operational efficiency, optimize the multi-channel customer’s experience, and drive behavioral changes to yield faster outcomes and more significant returns for our clients.

Change Management. We initiate and implement the actions to enable the Change by planning, inspiring, and influencing buy-in, commitment, and adoption. We are agile to the change factors to reinforce the improvements and make it “stick” and yield the benefits.

Value Realization. Our creative thinking, nurturing partnership model, formal methodologies, and agile approach allows you to accurately measure, quickly respond, and reduce the time to realize and optimize the benefits comprehended from your investments in IT innovation, digital transformation, process excellence, and organizational change.

“Neither a wise man nor a brave man lies down on the tracks of history to wait for the train of the future to run over him.”
— Dwight D. Eisenhower


Let us navigate the challenges, ambiguity, and complexities of Transformative Change of this technological era to achieve breakthrough results.

Nimble. Agile. Effective. Efficient.

Nikimac brings an agile business transformation approach to address the changing requirements and new digital demands of customers, leaders, employees, supply chain partners, and other stakeholders; in government, corporations, and entrepreneurial organizations.