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eHealth Ontario, tasked with the development and management of the province's electronic health records system, faced significant operational challenges due to fragmented and inefficient management of non-production environments essential for software development and testing. This led to conflicts, bottlenecks, and delays in project delivery. To address these issues, eHealth Ontario partnered with Nikimac Solutions. Under the guidance of a Senior Manager for the Interoperability, Conformance, Environments (ICE) Program, Nikimac Solutions implemented a comprehensive transformation strategy. This case study details the approach, implementation, and successful outcomes of transforming eHealth Ontario’s Environment Management Services (EMS) and Test Data Management (TDM), showcasing how strategic alignment and effective governance can significantly enhance operational efficiency and project delivery.


eHealth Ontario


Transformation Consultant, Nikimac Solutions Inc.


April 2012 – October 2014


Healthcare Information Technology


Unifying services to enhance efficiency

Nikimac Solutions' transformation of eHealth Ontario’s Environment Management Services significantly enhanced the agency's operational efficiency and service delivery. By implementing a unified strategy and robust governance framework, eHealth Ontario now enjoys streamlined processes, reduced bottlenecks, and improved stakeholder satisfaction. This case study highlights the importance of strategic planning, effective change management, and continuous improvement in achieving successful IT transformation.

Define the problem and assess current state through qualitative research, then gather insights from stakeholders to establish goals and objectives. Conduct interviews, focus groups, and reviews to identify pain points and inefficiencies, informing the development of strategies and solutions.

Baseline the current performance by assessing IT Service Management (ITSM) process capacity and constraints, including cycle time, backlog, and system availability. Measure performance through client satisfaction and importance ratings to prioritize service improvements and optimize quality.

Assess IT Service Management process maturity level and conduct data and root cause analysis to inform the development of a service delivery strategy. Utilize best practices to create a roadmap for multi-year implementation, focusing on multi-channel service delivery solutions for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness.

Transformation Strategy

Assessment and Analysis

Nikimac conducted qualitative research through interviews and process reviews, evaluated existing systems, tools, and processes to identify inefficiencies, identified conflicts, bottlenecks, and service disruptions, assessed the maturity of IT Service Management processes, analyzed performance metrics such as cycle time and backlog, benchmarked against best practices in service delivery.

Solution Design

Nikimac Solutions designed an integrated common service delivery model by implementing an EMS for managing non-production environments and establishing a TDM service for test data provision. They also developed a governance and reporting framework with KPIs, OLAs, and SLAs to ensure accountability, and defined functional roles and standards to support and maintain consistency in environment management.


Nikimac Solutions delivered an ICE Program Delivery Strategy and Governance Framework, completed the Environments Management Strategy, conducted an Environments Health Check, developed a TDM Strategy, and provided a detailed implementation roadmap. They executed a change management plan focusing on communication, training, and stakeholder engagement, and transitioned to a new operating model with continuous improvement plans, regular performance reviews, and SLA contracts.


Nikimac Solutions streamlined operations by reducing conflicts and improving efficiency with integrated EMS and TDM services. They enhanced service delivery with higher availability, fewer disruptions, and effective governance. Stakeholder satisfaction improved through better alignment, communication, and efficient project delivery meeting mandatory testing requirements.

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