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Health Care


HC4, founded by Nick Stanley, is a Canadian non-profit organization dedicated to holistic health and wellness, focusing on whole-person health. Using a crowdfunding and donation-driven model, HC4 addresses significant health issues like disparities faced by minorities, immigrants, rural residents, employee wellness, and mental health. Their approach is based on eight wellness pillars: Spiritual, Emotional, Mental, Physical, Financial, Social, Occupational, and Environmental. The organization provides health promotion, education, communication, and community engagement services, emphasizing health equity and patient empowerment. Visit their website at to join the movement and support their mission.

Nikimac's work with HC4 exemplifies a powerful branding strategy that merges health communication with digital innovation to address health disparities among minorities, rural residents, and immigrants. This partnership emphasizes holistic wellness, utilizing digital tools to enhance community, corporate, and personal health outcomes. Nikimac's expertise in transformational strategies significantly contributes to HC4's mission, providing robust support in crafting impactful health communication and engagement initiatives.




UI Designer


June 2020


UI Design