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Woodbridge offers a range of solutions focusing on comfort, lightweight, craftsmanship, cleanliness, utility, structure, and acoustics. Their technologies enhance in-vehicle experiences, optimize design, and comply with regulations, using sustainable materials and advanced engineering. Products include seating modules, armrests, structural and acoustical foams, and adaptive comfort foams. They emphasize reducing emissions, improving noise reduction, and providing innovative storage solutions.

Woodbridge partnered with Nicola McFadden-Marvin from Nikimac Solutions Inc., a specialist in business and IT transformation. Tasked with repositioning IT as a strategic enabler for business growth, Nikimac embarked on a comprehensive transformation project. This case study details the strategic approach, implementation, and successful outcomes of the IT service delivery transformation led by Nikimac Solutions, demonstrating how innovative solutions and effective change management can drive substantial business improvements.


Rapid global growth and expansion have led to a complex supply chain network and unstable IT infrastructure, coupled with immature service delivery processes and obsolete ITSM tools. There is a need for strategic alignment from the CEO to CIO, effective performance metrics, and solutions within budget constraints.

Transformation Strategy - Planning

Assessment and Analysis
The current state assessment involved qualitative research through interviews, focus groups, and process reviews, evaluating existing systems, tools, and processes. The gap analysis identified inefficiencies and pain points, while data and root cause analysis pinpointed underlying issues and benchmarked against best practices.

Strategy Definition
An IT governance framework using COBIT/ITIL was developed to prioritize initiatives based on strategic objectives and business needs. A multi-year implementation plan was created, outlining a detailed roadmap with timelines, milestones, and deliverables.

Transformation Strategy - Execution

Solution Design
Evaluated and selected a cloud-based ITSM tool and designed a multi-channel service delivery system including chat, web, email, on-site agents, self-service, social, forums, and an online knowledge base. Established an off-shore service desk partnership providing 24/7 global support with multi-language capabilities and translation technologies.

A comprehensive change management plan was executed, focusing on communication, training, coaching, engagement, and knowledge management. Critical ITSM processes were streamlined and enhanced, transitioning to a new operating model with a continuous improvement plan and regular performance reviews.


Repositioned IT as a strategic enabler by enhancing the IT service desk and freeing up resources for strategic business initiatives, improving service delivery within the existing budget and boosting customer satisfaction through effective SLA and KPI tracking. Implemented robust ITSM processes and tools, leading to significant improvements in system performance and availability, while delivering quick wins and promoting adoption through innovative solutions and stakeholder engagement.

The transformation of Woodbridge's IT service delivery by Nikimac Solutions has set a new benchmark in aligning IT with business strategy, enhancing service delivery, and supporting rapid global growth. Through a structured approach using ITIL, COBIT, Lean Six Sigma, and comprehensive change management, Woodbridge now enjoys a robust, scalable, and customer-centric IT service model that drives business success.