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Lead Like A Queen

Lead Like A Queen


Ready to shatter glass ceilings and redefine leadership?

Join our women leadership group coaching cohort today and empower yourself with the tools, strategies, and support you need to excel as a woman in leadership. Whether you’re aspiring to lead in your church, workplace, business, family, or community, or you’re a seasoned entrepreneur ready to take your business or career to new heights, this is your moment.

Under the expert guidance of Dr. Nicola McFadden-Marvin, you’ll dive deep into a tailored program that not only strengthens your leadership skills but also aligns with your faith-based values. Enjoy bi-weekly group coaching, bi-weekly private accountability check-ins, and round-the-clock access to a global community of like-minded women.

Don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers. Spaces are limited to just 10 women per cohort, making this an exclusive chance to receive personalized mentorship for only $899.

Step into your power with the “Lead Like a Queen” program! Elevate your leadership skills, expand your influence, and embody the leader God designed you to be. Spots are limited—claim yours today and transform your life and leadership!

Are you ready to unlock your God-given potential and achieve greatness?

Join now and start your journey to an epic elevation!



Ever heard that? Nonsense! Women can be just as strategic, visionary, and inspiring as anyone.

It’s true, though, that navigating the corporate world as a woman can be tough.  Studies show that:

74% of women still face gender bias in the corporate world.

55% struggle with imposter syndrome. Feeling like they don’t belong.

46% feel undervalued.

The challenges women face in the corporate world are real, and for Christian professionals, these hurdles can feel even more overwhelming.


Are you:

* An aspiring woman leader in your church, workplace, family, business, or community?

* A woman entrepreneur ready to soar?

* A woman seeking leadership skills and an epic elevation in life, leadership, or business?

* A business professional seeking to thrive?



Join our group mentorship and coaching cohort today and journey together with Dr. Nicola McFadden-Marvin, who will be your personal mentor, coach, trainer, consultant, and servant leader. Enjoy being guided by an expert who is a successful senior leader, a courageous change catalyst, entrepreneur, and founder of Nikimac Solutions and UpowerUp. Nicola is a faith-driven woman passionate about empowering and transforming others.  Her life exemplifies the miracles that can unfold when you bring God into all aspects of your life, living, and livelihood. She’s also the founder of the Chayah Club Community, a faith-based group helping thousands of individuals unlock their God-given potential, achieve their purpose, and leave a legacy. She is also the visionary behind Mastermind Cafe, a global leadership development platform for leaders. Unleash your inner leader and make a lasting impact.


Mentorship and Masterclasses Included:

Self-Discovery Coaching

Improving Self-Awareness 


Leadership & Influence

Taking Initiative

Building Confidence and Assertiveness

Public Speaking

Work-Life Balance

Women in Leadership 

Negotiation Mastery

Developing Emotional Intelligence

Team Building and Chemistry

Delivering Constructive Criticism

Being a Likable Boss Babe

Lead like a Queen Symposium & Presentation (LIVE EVENT – Zoom or in-person in Idaho, USA)



  • Confidently leading, inspired by your virtues and values.
  • Developing a personalized strategy for success.
  • Bi-weekly group coaching to refine your skills and vision.
  • Bi-weekly accountability check-in
  • 24/7/365 access to an online community and collaboration with like-minded women globally
  • Setting clear spiritual and practical goals.
  •  Learning how to be assertive and take while maintaining your God-given feminine nature with wisdom, bold humility, identity, maturity, and authority.


The benefits of joining this program are unmatched as:

The bi-weekly coaching sessions are tailored to help you review, access, and build on your goals, leveraging her expertise to help you self-assess, implement strategies, and amplify your strengths.

Helping you to thrive at work, business, family, church, and in society.

As a mentor who has empowered over 2,000 individuals in the Chayah Club and Mastermind Cafe communities and corporate Fortune 500 companies like Air Canada, Walmart, and BlackBerry, Nicola offers practical guidance to ensure you achieve lasting success in your personal, professional, and spiritual goals.

Not to mention, bi-weekly one-on-one check-in is also included to ensure accountability and measure your progress, ensuring you get tangible results and celebrate your wins.

Limited Spots Available! Only 10 women globally in each cohort can join this exclusive program for just $899. 

Valued at $24,000 annually. 

Unlock your leadership potential with our signature “Lead Like a Queen” program! Dive into a transformative journey of personal growth, spiritual depth, and professional excellence. Don’t miss this chance to grow, lead, and inspire. Join now and start leading like the queen you are meant to be!

Ready for your epic elevation?

Join now!


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